Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chilamate Ecolodge: Day 1

We have all safely arrived to the Ecolodge in Chilamate after an uneventful, if very early, flight. Students were efficient, well behaved travelers and enjoyed the airtime to commiserate, listen to music, watch movies, nap, and read. The many shared earbuds and heads on proximate shoulders symbolized the budding group camaraderie. Upon arrival we held a study session on how to correctly fill out customs and visa forms on the tile floor of the airport: collaboration at its finest. 
Our shuttle from San Jose into the rainforest of Sarapiqui was a beautiful scenic journey, allowing us to take in the sights from our movie theatre-size transport windows: local Ticos strolling and waiting for buses, businesses along the road ("Mini Super Malibu"), horses, cows, and a steady rainforest rainstorm: humid, lush, and lovely. We even stopped for a colorful buffet lunch at El Yugo (next door to the Rancho de Rinconcito). 
We have just wrapped up fears and goals and the Ecolodge introduction with our wonderful hosts, Megan and Davis, and students are enjoying some downtime before dinner and the night hike. 


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